Grand Rounds

This is exclusively for SMHP Members.  We will package these talks into modules for CME Purposes.  Each time 6 talks have been completed you will be able to submit the application with all the questions answered for each talk, qualifying for about 10 credits. A new section will be added to the questionnaire as each talk takes place and after 6 you will be able to submit it. Bookmark the link to this document so you can continue to fill it in as each talk takes place. We highly recommend that you keep a record of your answers elsewhere so if you ever lose this link and have to fill it in again, you will have all the answers for all the talks!

Comprehensive Lecture Series on the Science and Clinical Application of Metabolic Medicine.


Date Time (Pacific) Speaker Title
3/6/2021 3 - 5 pm PDT Nicholas Norwitz, PhD, MHP Ketogenic Diets for Alzeimer's Prevention in ApoE4s
4/3/2021 3 - 5 pm PDT Andrea Salcedo, DO The Uterus as an End Organ: the correlations between abnormal uterine bleeding with cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.
5/1/2021 3 - 5 pm PDT Dave Feldman Hidden in Plain Sight – New Insights on How Fasting Research Connects Keto, Glycogen Stores, and Cholesterol
6/5/2021 3 - 5 pm PDT Dr. Ben Bocchicchio The Power Of The Muscle System In The Management Of Metabolic Dysfunction

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